Deep Sea Fishing Destin – Finest Kind Charters

Deep Sea Fishing Aboard The Finest Kind

For a great time and for catching some big fish choosing to Deep Sea Fishing in Destin is a choice that will provide memories for a lifetime! The Finest Kind Fishing Team has earned the reputation of being one of Destin’s most reputable fishing charters. Captain Jason Mikel is a 4th generation fisherman and really knows the gulf coast waters. He knows where the fish are. In fact, he has knowledge of the location of over 5,000 ship wrecks, artificial reefs and natural reef structures. This enables him in combination with the Finest Kind’s state of the art fishing finding equipment to always know where and how deep to drop your line. Then get ready for action! The Finest Kind’s crew knows how to guide you to an unforgettable fishing experience.

The Finest Kind is first class from the one of the top boats, experienced Captain, and extremely helpful deckhand. The experience is great for trophy hunters and also for families looking for some excitement! So if you are ready for a workout reeling in fish; your adventure awaits.

The Finest Kind is one of the better equipped fishing boats in Destin. The air-conditioned cabin with comfortable seating is just the start. The boat has a refrigerator/freezer, tv/dvd, stereo and even video games to keep the kids happy. Of course, there is a restroom and even a place to sleep in case you book an overnight trip.

Destin has always been known as a fisherman’s paradise. Come discover Destin and its beautiful emerald green waters with white sandy beaches. Then top off your vacation with a trip aboard Destin’s top charter boat “The Finest Kind.”